Welder Training and Qualification

Welder training and qualification in Cumbria

Responsive moved into its new premises recently and one of the first tasks was setting up our welder training area.

3 days of continuous welder qualifications and procedure qualifications had been booked in for a couple of local companies.

Responsive offer a complete service, whether training of welders is required or simply an area with all the correct facilities / tools and oversight and witnessing is all that is required.

Once the test pieces are completed they are either sent for mechanical testing or radiography carried out the same days. So its an immediate result.

Having the right staff and contacts for the task in hand is invaluable. Responsive employ time served welders once of which with almost 40 years welding experience, 27 of which was entirely nuclear on Sellafield.

We can help your business with welder qualification / coding’s and procedure testing. We help many companies now comply with BS EN 1090-1 and PED and ensure a quick efficient service.

For individuals becoming a coded welder is sometimes a pre-requisite for any job application. If your self employed / freelance welder we can help with this total process so that you can become a coded welder.