Responsives Latest Trainee Starts Work


Over the past 12 months Responsive have secured new contracts, built a new facility, doubled our turnover (again)… oh, and managed to secure a finalists position in the ‘Small Business Of The Year’ category at the British Energy Coast Business Cluster (BECBC). But non of those accolades are as rewording as being able to take on new staff and even more so see them flourish into competent, committed and well rounded inspectors.

Our staff at Responsive are what make us so great, they really do go the extra mile.

In 2015 Rikki started with us and has since completed professional qualifications in Magnetic Testing and Penetrant Testing at PCN Level 2. At the same time Rikki is studying with Lakes College to complete his NVQ in Welding and Fabrication. Rikki was previously un-employed and had no previous knowledge of inspection or testing.

So, I’m pleased to announce that we have done it again! October 2016 we have started a new recruit. Again, previously un-employed, John (pictured) has joined us as another willing trainee. John has worked in many industries and started off life in the Royal Navy before leaving and returning back to Cumbria. John will undergo the same training as Rikki on an academic level and professionally he has already undertaken PCN Level 2 in Magnetic Testing and Radiography over the past few weeks.

This month alone Responsive have secured new work in varying industries such as gas supply and successfully undergone customer radiography audits from both Sellafield, Hertel and Rolls Royce.

This is an exciting time for Responsive and I’m pleased that new employees are coming along for the journey.