New Software Aids Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing

As part of Responsive’s commitment to invest within the business new software in the form of ES Beam Tool from Eclipse Scientific is now purchased and in use.

Es Beam tool is a suit of software that allows the pre-setup of ultrasonic testing including conventional pulse echo UT, Phased Array and Time Of Flight Diffraction.

Using a CAD layout specific geometries of components can be drawn out and various probes used to replicate what would be tested in real life. This allows full setup of all UT variables without even turning on a UT set.

Specific uses could include deciding whether an item can be UT tested, working out difficult to interpret results or the timely pre-setup of phased array information in high risk areas, meaning all pre-planning can be done safely – the nuclear industry springs to mind.

ES Beam tool will allow Responsive to offer a quicker turn around for our level 3 services as techniques can be produced within minutes.